Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Malayan Brown Snake on P.Ubin spotted by mphil


Malayan Brown Snake (Xenelaphis hexagonotus) as posted by mphil on clubsnap..
The Malayan Brown Snake is a harmless (non-poisonous to us) snake that feeds on fish as well as small animals(such as rats and birds). I came across not one but 2 of them on P.Ubin one morning. Both were around 6 feet. At that time I did not know what type of snake they were so I didnt try to get closer to take close ups of them. They were moving pretty fast in the warm morning sun. Was not in a good position as the snake was between me and the sun and its skin was pretty reflective.

Though not the best effort, these are still very precious record shots of one of them as they have only been recorded one other time before. In fact, this species has not even made it to the NParks list of snakes found on P.Ubin. Thanks to my source at Nparks for identifying them for me.

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