Saturday, March 10, 2007

LIzards and Monkeys

trying out posting videos as well.. so dun be shy give me ur low res videos as well.. if its a sighting its a sighting..
this particular one i chanced upon from google video :)
the author has this to describe ..
" The first shot is a lizard on the first floor of Jen's mom's condo. Next is a shot of the condo complex over the resevoir and then...nothin' but monkeys!"

I might be digressing too much but seeing postings of commonly seen animals often gets me thinking..

was reading an article in the papers today about expats living in sg. This guy said something about how kids of yonder years could name any tree/ creature but kids now are so divorced from nature they hardly can tell the difference between two. I can substantiate his story with friends (with a Bsc in Biology) who thought that penguins are mammals, whales are fish and other related guffaws..

Perhaps this is the root cause of environmental destruction. When you lack a name for something you kinda of are more detached to it.
case in point?
this report starts with
Since 1500, more than 150 bird species have disappeared from the world,...."
hmmm 500 years and only 150 extinct? that doesn't sound too bad..

but the full sentence reads
" Since 1500, more than 150 bird species have disappeared from the world, including the much lamented dodo. "

Ah the dodo, I could tell you stories about why it is lamented that the dodo died and if only ppl cared more ....
I wonder if there are 149 more stories like the dodo.. or were there none simply cos too few got to know the animals beyond a scientific name or a given name to care..

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