Thursday, May 26, 2005

Common Iora Aegithina tiphia

Common Iora (in italics Aegithina tiphia)

spotted this bird which i believe to be the common iora (
Aegithina tiphia) on Pulau Ubin[14/5/2005, 8:23am]. From far it looks
like another yellow bird, It's smaller than an oriole and bigger than
the olive backed sunbird. At first I thought it to be a very accustomed
to humans as it didn't really avoid me when i tried to inch closer. it
was only when the bird flew away that I realised that this little one
was so silly to have build its nest on a treelet and its nest was so low
that i could reach up and grab it.. see the pic i have of the nest.
sorry my photo of the bird is underexposed but you can see the two
prominent white bars on the wing. For more pics, refer to the excellent
guide book: "A guide to the common birds of Singapore" by Clive Briffet
(a BP & science centre co-published guide book). Apparently it 'forages
in trees for insects' and it's found in 'open wooded areas' like parks
and gardens. Also it has a 'pleasant musical whistle and trill' whilst
'feeding in trees'.hmmm now that really confounds me... either insects
are deaf or this little bird really likes to talk during lunch....

common iora (Aegithina tiphia): info fact sheet, photos

Briffet, Clive "A guide to the common birds of Singapore"

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