Friday, May 27, 2005

Singapore Green Plan 2012: Three-Yearly Review
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Singapore Green Plan 2012: Three-Yearly Review

Every time you drive a car, throw away rubbish, use water, you are affecting our environment. Add these actions up. Multiply by the number of people living in Singapore and we would have made a huge difference to the kind of living environment we have.

Governments, communities and businesses are all doing their part to protect our environment. You can, too.

The Singapore Green Plan 2012 (SGP2012) is our national blueprint to build a sustainable environment for generations to come. Highly focused and action-oriented targets and programmes have been developed since to preserve, protect and enhance our environment and water resources for the next decade.

The SGP2012 three-yearly review is your opportunity to do your part and share your views on how we can make a difference to protecting our environment!

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