Monday, October 30, 2006

the true nature of naturespies-PostgreSQL, GIS,GPS, photos

Dear readers,
I don't know if i have mentioned this before but I had loftier dreams
for naturespies than in its current incarnation. The idea was a photo
database preferably with GPS coords and time of spotting of the
individual(hmm shld add comments about individual markings to id the
individual). The idea was a wildlife research resource. So that
population statistics and even movements of these animals can be
tracked and be used in studies. Trap and recapture info would be great
too. The initial idea was met with slight opposition which are valid
concerns about the data being used for poaching. (so i think i should
refine the idea to keeping the coords data open to people who email me
for access). I am still in the process of refining the design of the
database. Any comments and ideas are appreciated! email me if privacy
is required :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Leopard Lacewing Cethosia cyane (Drury, 1773) @ Jurong by Sunny Chir

"here is a record shot of a male Leopard Lacewing taken in the shade at low shutter speed on the vicinity where the 2 females were shot "

Photos and text copyright of Bluesteel edit: Thanks for allowing me to repro the fantastic pics!
excerpted from original post
"One specimen of the butterfly was first seen and recorded on Western Singapore on 13 Dec 05 , another butterfly was last seen on 7th June 06 at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park.Have the good fortune of encountering 3 of them today on a field off Old Jurong Road.With this encounter , it appears that the butterfly has established itself on the Island."

to see more of Sunny Chir's photos (Silverstreak) for more beautiful butts go to The Circle of Butterfly

possibly Clouded Monitor Varanus nebulosus @ BTNR by Leonardo

pending verification
1) smaller (scale from the logs)
2) its in BTNR (forested areas are the Clouded Monitor's habitat)
3) pending (position of the nostril)

Green Crested Lizards

Wow a starting post by hiker invited lots of shots by various ppl. warning- not for those with lizard phobia ;)

Wagler's Pit Viper @BTNR by hiker,sponge

Close up shots by Daniel of the adult and a headshot of a juvenile by sponge.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Owl in Jurong Apartment by Yullis Gwei

video at
Original post in

'Exotic owl found in Jurong apartment   19 Oct 2006 - It's not everyday a 'giant flying object' lands in your living room. Yullis Gwei and her son, Jia Jun, were stunned to find an exotic-looking owl in her Jurong East condominium on 12 October. The owl was later released back into the wild by condo's security guards. "Could it be the haze that is causing this unusual big bird from the wild to seek refuge in buildings?" Yullis wondered.'

sorry wanted to link to the article but the site isn't done like a blog with a permanent link. So I had to resort to replicating the post here in case it gets lost.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Mousedeer spotted! Rare sighting! by Daniel Koh

cropped pic
link to CS

WOW! Double Wow!! Daniel has outdone himself again by managing to photo a mousedeer *gasp* in our forests this weekend!
Trying to get more details
added a cropped pic with the copyright left in for a better view
in here...