Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grey-headed Fish Eagle @ MacRitchie

Sharing this amazing shot by Yih Yeong who has graciously allowed me to reproduce his shots here. Check out his flickr gallery for more amazing birding shots!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pulau Semakau 7th Feb

IMG_5853.jpg, originally uploaded by koiyau.

Went with Teamseagrass for seagrass survey again! And the Enhalus acoroides put up a good show of fruit and male flowers/pollen for us. For this trip, We were accompanied by Prof Leo Tan.

It was chance meeting for him and the Labrador Angels and they shared their meaningful experiences..

after our long trek to the far away site something took our breath away (erm other than the long hike..)
its a Talang Queenfish! (id by Eric Leong)
the fish measured a whopping 90 cm and was looking weak after being beached like a whale. it occasionally thrashed around trying to escape but to avail.

the Queenfish had its lucky stars to thank for Andy Dinesh risking being cut to bring the fish to shore.... here's a hero shot of him walking back (eh sorry wasn't fast enuff to catch him in the act)

other critters we saw
Sea Cucumber (ID?)

File Fish

Homo Sapiens
haha actually wanted to show the drift net that was laid across our 3 transects and our happy seagrassers doing their survey

Cuttlefish trying to act spongelike

Parting shot of seagrasses enjoying nature

You can see more of the geotagged images here