Friday, August 12, 2011

A commentary on Singapore's Natural Landscape

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Seeking Singapore Elsewhere

I am glad that you refound Singapore at Taiwan... but perhaps you have yet to find out the natural appeal aspect of Sg.

So, that was my philosophy about living in Singapore: it is a plain bore with no natural landscapes and original produce.

I think 'original' produce is hard to claim when you are a state in SEA, where neighbouring countries can do the same at a bigger scale, our vegetation today actually tells of previous farming (rubber) exploits which weren't unsuccessful ONLY because we have a barren land ( any army guy can tell you the effort it takes to bash across the dense vegetation in Lim Chu Kang)

true we do lack looming hills or mountainous landscapes which will no doubt make for a great photo.
and we do not have a BIG bunch of endemic species (that you can't find elsewhere in SEA)

BUT we are situated in the tropics, and I too 'refound' Singapore when making a visit to Kew Gardens, London, it was only there that I realised how our natural tree diversity easily beats that of temperate countries but to everyone , a green tree is a tree but coniders and maple leaves are prettier as a tree species. But yet Kew Garden's collection is impressive because of the palms and plants they have collected from the tropics and house in a (very likely expensive to maintain greenhouse)

I do hope you will find the natural landscapes of Singapore fascinating one day before we lose them to urbanisation and it's too late.