Sunday, December 31, 2006

Paradise Tree Snake Chrysopelea paradisi @ SBG by Micheal Lim

"The Paradise Tree Snake is considered by some to be rare, however in Singapore it is commonly encountered in a variety of habitats including mangrove, secondary forest, and parks and gardens. This is a back-fanged colubrid with weak venom sufficiently powerful to immobilise its small prey, which comprises mainly tree-dwelling lizards. The species is active by day."
Excerpted from

Hmmm I wonder with all the rain what happens to the sun loving reptiles... probably more lethargic and more daring to come out into the open for more warmth..Excellent combi for photography?

Monday, December 25, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Elegant bronzeback(?) eating a Green crested lizard by yangsf

Can anyone convince the snake to change its diet to the more common non-native Calotes?

ps is this elegant bronzeback?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Striped Kukri Snake @ Lower Pierce by Mendis

Phew one more post before i log off... there's a comment on whether the blue tip is part of a microchip tracking device? Any idea ppl?

Thanks for Mendis for kindly offering his photo for me to use on this blog. Photo copyrights belong to him!

Carpet Eel Blenny Congrogadus subducens @ Raffles Lighthouse by Danny Soh

Nice close up shot of a marine fishie!

Type: Blenny
Scientific Name: Congrogadus subducens
Common Name: Carpet Eel Blenny
Date Taken: 4th Feb 2006
Place: Raffles Lighthouse, at depth of about 6m.
Size : Slightly larger than the size of a large tube of tooth paste

Hard coral genera of Singapore by Jeff Low and Staad3

post from Jeff
"I started to compile some of my hard coral photos and put them in this album. As my collection grows, hopefully it will cover all the coral genera that we have in Singapore. Sorry I can't go to species, because most (but not all) corals will require microscope work for that. The main reason I started this was because most of the idenification websites either cannot be searched, or use scientific names to search. If I already knew the scientific name (or common name), I probably won't need to search, right? So, anyway, at least for corals, you can use growth form to narrow down your search, based on the collection that is in the album. Staad3 has also contributed some of her photos If this "idenitification" album works out, I will try to do for the other organisms as well. Comments to improve the search functions of the album welcome. If you have photos you would like to add to the collection, please let me know. Enjoy! Jeff"

Bruguiera cylindrica @ SBWR by Sherlynn

This picture of the flowers of the Bruguiera cylindrica was taken at about 9:28 am on the 26th of November at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (Mangrove Boardwalk).

edit: yangsf has kindly pointed out that this is a picture of Bruguiera cylindrica actually :) and not Nyrieh (Xylocarpus granatum)
The leaves of Nyrieh do not grow in a whorl and are compound leaves, not simple leaves as shown in the picture posted. The flowers are also different. Below is a pic of Xylocarpus granatum, leaves :) "

OnG QiAn Yi SheRLyNn

Yellow Bittern hunting @ SBWR by skfoo
beautiful series of photos by skfoo once again. This time its of a Yellow
Bittern hunting for fish

Little heron Butorides striatus catching a tilapia(?) @ SBG by Steven
haha I wonder if the little heron finally got the fish into itself. I suspect that the fish is a tilapia (an introduced food species) which is very aggressive both in behaviour and in terms of replacing many of the native fish species. I never thought that other than humans there are animals that feed on tilapias here in Singapore.

read more about little herons here