Sunday, April 22, 2007

Insects @ Lower Pierce by stevewhy

Thanks to stevewhy for graciously volunteering his images! Will label them when I get more time.

Spider marcos from Henry Park by tchuanye

Stunning macros once again from tchuanye!
there's a green crab spider with a nest and more!

Paradise Tree Snake by Daniel Koh

Rather humourous shot of the snake peeking from behind a rock! Must see

Thanks for Daniel for graciously allowing his pics to be used here.

Crow-billed Drongo @ P. Ubin by mphil

"P.Ubin's CBD - Crow-billed Drongo

Not the business district, but a very shy and elusive bird. Managed to take some pics of this bird that has a beak like a crow and tail feathers of a drongo. There is at least a family of 4 CBDs living on the island. Spotted them several times before but never been able to get a clear shot of them yet."

Sunda (brown-capped) Woodpecker Dendrocopus moluccensis by Daniel Koh

Excellent Close up of Sunda Woodpecker by Daniel Koh!

Thanks to Daniel for allowing me to reproduce his images here!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Atlas moth @ Sungei Buloh by lovells19

I haven't seen its wings folded up before its antenna is also clearly shown in the pic! Someone posted the larva stage as well. Hmm seem to recall that their appearance is seasonal. Has it been a year already? Time flies

Butterfly Common Rose @ Istana Woodneuk by espion

There's a Papilio polytes romulus (Common Mormon) and a Common Rose in the CS thread

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Baby Clouded Monitor by Hiker (Daniel Koh)

Wow never saw one this small before :)

Wild Boar @ Ubin by mphil

Gosh its been a while since i saw one on Ubin and I was thinking they were all caught and eaten already!

Thanks to mphil for graciously providing the images for me to be reproduced here. Picture copyrights remain his!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Seahare Bursatella leachii @ Chek Jawa by kevin

The photo looks abit strange in the center cos that's the part of the

seahare poking out of water as it's gliding across a seagrass meadow

:) if you see more clearly you can see other sea hares that I can't

crop out cos they were all clustered together!