Saturday, June 25, 2005

Clouded Monitor Varanus bengalensis nebulosus

Spotted this ~1m specimen in the Macritchie Reservoir whilst going for treetop walk in november.. heh it was trying to hide in the bushes when it spotted me.. but I managed to catch a shot of it..DateTimeDigitized - 2004:11:06 16:11:45

Lizards of Southeast Asia : Clouded Monitor - Varanus bengalensis

Not sure if i got it right..correct me if you know? Thanks!


defluo said...

I'm one of those freaks who frown at those who do not write the scientific names in its proper format. I've yet to find a way round this probm on my blog as well. However, for the time being, perhaps you can underline the scientific name? It's one of the accepted formats, well, at least for botanical naming. Not sure for zoological stuff.

Kevin said...

well the problem is not that i can't change it in the blog..
its just that I setup an account in flickr to post photoblogs by email and you cannot use any formatting in the email subject line.. which is where the title of each blog goes.. heh.. hope that answers ur qn !

イーポウサン Ee Poh San said...

I'm impressed with the photos posted in this blog.
Can you share with us readers, the type/brand/model no. of the camera that you are using ?
You must be a pro ?

Kevin said...

I hope to be a pro-amateur... but
still haven't got my DSLR yet..
and well.. its not really the equipment trust me. I am currently using a nikon coolpix 5400 ;p