Sunday, March 19, 2006

Branded Imperial Eooxylides tharis @ Lower Peirce by Kevin

Finally more pics of my own! This is a Branded Imperial butterfly (Eooxylides tharis subsp distanti) spotted at Lower Peirce reservoir at 2006.02.25. The caterpillar of this small butterfly feeds on the infamous Smilax bracteata, which is a common local forest vine which grows very aggressively.


awakening to the forest riches of macritchie, singapore

ARCBC: Biodiversity Information Sharing Service⊂=2096&tx=LE

The Branded Imperial


Anonymous said...

The eyes of your BI has blended into the black background. I guess you used flash and high shutter speed to overcome the low light.

Try harder next time.

Kevin said...

Heh I thought I had a pretty good shot that escaped massive post processing. Never thought abt the eyes merging.. thanks!