Sunday, June 18, 2006

Paradise Tree Snake Chrysopelea paradisi @ Sungei Buloh by

Wow its just lying on the boardwalk! Lucky chap.. of course he could be luckier and actually spot it 'flying' ... (Yups this snake is able to flatten its body and glide through the air!)
"The Paradise Tree Snake is considered by some to be rare, however in Singapore it is commonly encountered in a variety of habitats including mangrove, secondary forest, and parks and gardens. "

p.s. read on the thread about another blog on Singapore Snakes

Snakes of Southeast Asia : Paradise Tree Snake - Chrysopelea paradisi

Flying Snake Home Page by Jake Socha, University of Chicago: frequently asked questions on the species, quick-time video clips of their flight, photos, maps of their distribution, taxonomic details


green3birdy said...

Hi Kevin,

My friends and I are students from NUS - we are currently working on GIS project pertaining to snake sightings in Singapore. I have incorporated your snake sightings (the ones which you have posted on your blog) but I would need a rough idea where the snake was sighted.

The sightings which I have used are from the links below:

No need to be on the actual spot - 1 - 200 metres away from the actual location would be fine

Thank you very much!! My apologies for imposing on you.

Warm regards,
Wen Qing

P.S: For any queries, please send me an email to

Kevin said...

Hi Wen Qing,
Thanks for your interest. I have already listed location as best as I can for the posts.
Admittedly it was harder than I thought to have photographers reveal their exact location as poachers might poach the snakes.
Some of these photographers may also not remember up to 200m range of the sights. My advice is to approach Chee Kong from SLOG he has a snakes sightings blog that fits ur aim better