Saturday, August 12, 2006

Banded Leaf Monkeys @ Lower Pierce Trail by hiker

link to clubsnap post
WOW!! .. Rare sighting !!!

note: thanks to hiker for generously allowing me to post the pics here for you!
all rights remain his.

if the name doesn't say it all for you visit here for the reason why this is exciting

and here's the firsthand account of the sighting!
(with minor edits to hide the location to protect the monkeys)
email if u NEED to know the location.
p.s. i wonder if there were sightings of more than a pair by others.

its was friday, 11aug, about 1745hrs.
i was walking along lower peirce reservoir, XXX trail.
then i heard a loud 'crash' among the canopies, at first glance,
i thought they were the common long-tailed macaque...,
then i saw one swinging pass the trees like a spider monkey!!

!!Banded Leaf Monkeys!!!
then a second one swing by.. , about 20m behind the first one.
i took out my camera to shoot but no more came by....

both the monkeys disappeared into the trees before i could get any shot.., i waited at that spot for some time to see if there is any
more coming.... , sadly, no..

so judging the direction they were going..,
i made my way to XXX trail and waited..

15mins later, both of them came by again!
i managed to shoot those few pics shown in clubsnap..
then they disappeared again heading south..

then i made my way south too, but the forest ends there,
behind the petrol kiosks...,
there were dozens of long-tailed macaque there, some cars
drove by, throwing some food out to feed them.
so i dun think i will see them appear again, so sad.

the end.

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Las montaƱas said...

tks. at least still got hope lah. if only one fine day, we see some siamangs and gibbons in sg!