Sunday, January 21, 2007

Land hermit crab Coenobita purpureus @ Southern Isles by Kevin

Land hermit crab Coenobita cavipes @ Southern Isles by Kevin
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Ha this poor bloke was housed in a Giant East African snail shell (which is very incongruous with a sea shore). Even though the shell was already pretty large, the Land Hermit Crab still can't hide itself into the shell. Oh well at least the soft bits are protected.

wow thanks felix for digging up this old post!

I based my id on this

will doublecheck this...

here's relevant links for those interested in the differences.


Stacy G said...

Amazing photo!
I manage and if you have additional Coenobita images that you would be willing to share with us...that would be fantastic! We are always improving our species identification information for our members. Quality photos of exotic species (for the U.S.) are hard to come by!

Anonymous said...

Georgeous crabbie !
I'm a land hermit crab enthusiast in Indonesia and I have write a book about land hermit crab care in Indonesian.

Just want to give a correction on the species name: it is Coenobita PURPUREUS ( not Coenobita cavipes - since C.cavipes is always in dark brown, creamy yellow, or black in colour with different eye shape ).


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
thanks for the link. Anyway, the land hermit crab described as C.cavipes on that Singaporean website is also a Coenobita purpureus.

The information on Wikipedia page about C.purpureus is also incorrect - since they never did any research about this species. This species is not threatened ( can still abundantly found in Riau Islands and Kalimantan/Borneo coasts ), and not only native to Japan (Ryukyu Islands); otherwise it is also native to Singapore, Taiwan, Eastern Malaysia, and Indonesia as well.