Sunday, May 20, 2007

Black Tipped Reef Shark @ P. Semakau by Kevin

edit: added this google maps thingy. p.s. click on the satellite pic to see it in full glory!
p.s. coords are inexact now...

WOW! i was like shark??!?!???
haha boy was I lucky to have eagled eyed companions for today's teamseagrass survey. Sharp eyed Robin also identified the black tip which I can only verify later from my shots.
albeit blur and small.. (darn I need an canon IS telephoto zoom!!!)
you can roughly see the shark in mid day!

detailed account:
we were going for a tour of P.Semakau after a tiring seagrass survey and fighting the mozzies on the trail back. Just when we thought that's all the island had to offer us for the day. Someone shouted 'Shark!'. The nice bus driver slowed down the bus and then eventually stopped. Everyone was in disbelief and denial and there were quite a few 'where got??' (add to the fact that we were kinda late for the boat) so nobody really wanted to leave the bus until Robin gave an inspiring shout of " Get off the bus to see clearly lah!"
hahah so that's how i got the shot.. ;p


Ria Tan said...

WOW! That's a great shot!

Now people will no longer think we made it up :-)


sgbeachbum said...

Cool! I was wondering if anyone managed to get a shot!
I had first thought it was a rock peeking out from the surface causing ripples with the incoming tide. Then the tip moved against the flow and did a u-turn. That's when my brain kicked in and said "fin!". And "fin" normally = "shark". I think the shark was doing figure 8s. Why? Dunno. Maybe it was searching for something. Ha!

Kevin said...

haha its a cropped shot so it is not fantastic but I guess its ok for web view. Oh so beachbum was the first to spot it ya?
my guess its coming in with the tide to forage.
dun think its a coincidence that both times the shark was spotted it was after seagrass survey (when the low tide is ending)
what surprised me was that we managed to scare it off by walking down the slope. heck we were quite far away from it and on ground. Its hearing or sight can't be THAT fantastic right?

Anonymous said...

Woa! So lucky to see a black tip. Was in semakau on sat, but no such luck. more often we see bamboo shark in our local waters. Great shot!

c(o.o)c said...

Im like how JEALOUS! Missed the trip...lucky y'all!

Sivasothi said...

Nice, I like the Google Maps insert!