Monday, October 29, 2007

Python @ Potong Pasir by Keith ---
STOMPer Keith, a Potong Pasir resident, spotted a 12-foot long python that swallowed an animal. It was resting at the Potong Pasir riverside. He took this photo this morning (23 October) and sent it to us via MMS at 8.35am. He told STOMP: "There have been previous sightings of pythons in this area but it's the first time I've seen one that swallowed an animal. "This is along the jogging path beside the river. There is a patch of woodland nearby," he said. He did not see the animal that the python swallowed. He told STOMP that children do not generally play in the area. However, joggers do use the running track along the waterside. STOMP had contacted the Police and the AVA. Both said that they did not receive any call on a python.

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Chia Shang Ming said...

Thanks for the Post,

I live in Potong Pasir but regret to say that I didn't get to see this python. However, from what I hear from my friend, I may be able to answer the question of what animal was eaten. It was a cat that the python swallowed. Apparently, from her words, the cat didn't run and was struggling even after being swallowed by the python.

There has been many sightings of snake in Potong Pasir, especially alont the river.