Friday, December 16, 2011

a frank post on the state of ignorance

Not to know is bad. Not to wish to know is worse. African Proverb

I am flabbergasted to say the lest when I read this post on media censorship in the land of free speech. Discovery channel bought only 6 of the 7 eps of David Attenborough's latest, Frozen Planet, because the last ep talks about global climate change.
I don't know to congratulate BBC in anticipating this and limiting seditious material to the last ep to prevent the entire series from being banned or throw my hands up in despair when global climate change can be a sensitive to broach when so many other stuff is deemed open topics.
Go figure


driss said...

Great post

flo said...

Ignorance leads always to crazy behaviour :-((

Anonymous said...

Of course climate change is sensitive, especially when it's used as a means to promulgate protectionsitic economic policies. People are not as ignorant as you often think.

Kevin said...

Dear anonymous, just posting once is enough. :)

it is great that the majority isn't ignorant and telling them about climate change isn't helping to their knowledge. But withholding the facts doesn't help those who are ignorant.
I think that's the point here ..