Sunday, December 11, 2011

Want to know more about Raffles Lighthouse?

Chanced upon this art exhitbition that curated information on Raffles Lighthouse which I think is very well done! There will be nuggets of information that you wouldn't have realised about Raffles Lighthouse.

Dr Hass filmed the underwater life in Singapore in 1958, recalling the sidghts that he saw at Raffles lighthouse , "it was simply beautiful and enchanting. there were so much tropical sea animals and fish"

There's even a publication list which features our coral reproduction guru Dr James Guest (ah hem one publication is sadly missing)
This exhibition closes on 31st Dec 2011 I believe. Wonder if anyone wants to adopt the printed materials.


Jeffrey said...

I'm interested! ... But how much does it cost? And who do I contact? :)

Kevin said...

Hey Jeff! Just go! it's open door to public and free.