Saturday, December 03, 2005

Green iguana Iguana iguana@Sungei Buloh by dominator

Green iguana (Iguana iguana) spotted at Sungei Buloh

I will be excited as well if its just Calotes versicolor I see day in day out and I see this! Be careful though it might be mildly venomous.Here's another sighting . I was disappointed though when I found out that these are all exotics. Hmmm seems like there are more and more of these released from the chat going on in that clubsnap thread. Anyway for more info check out the Singapore Zoological Gardens Docents' info trove.

Changeable lizard (Calotes versicolor): info fact sheet, photos
SZG Docents: Complementing educational efforts of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Introduced species - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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