Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Black-bearded Gliding lizard Draco melanopogon @ Sime forest by mphil

More gliding lizards by mphil on 12th Feb 2006! This time its a pair of male and female black-bearded gliding lizards!


here's an excerpt of his post ".. I am just adding a couple of pics of the black-bearded gliding lizard from Sime Forest. Spent an afternoon looking for them and managed to find a pair of them on a tree. The female is not much to look at but the male looks quite dashing when he flashes his black beard at the female. Pics below are of the handsome one."

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re-tired.re-freshed said...

Hi Kevin, thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. I mistook you for another blogger and only visited your blog now. I'm definitely adding your blog to my feeds on Nature. Nice pics! How you manage to get the animals to pose for you... you'll have to tell me! Cheers.