Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gliding Lizards in P.Ubin & Sime Forest by mphil

Check out a new post in clubsnap this time by mphil about gliding lizards! These are really not easy to spot as they are more well camouflaged to tree trunks than the Changeable Lizard (Calotes versicolor). Personally, I have only seen them in Tioman (Malaysia), and it was only after 10 mins of frustrated pointing by a friend that I just caught a brief glimpse. Similarly, like mphil who had to found them too far away to photograph, in my case the gliding lizard when found scrambles quickly up the trunk and stays very still. Only a digital compact with IS and 10x optical zoom managed to take a shot of it, but definitely not Nat Geog quality lol. Here's mphil's post!

“I have been fascinated by these gliding lizards since I first saw one in a jar in a lab. I have come across some in the wild since then but they were too high up to shoot or I didnt have my gear with me. However, here are 2 that didnt get away. Thanks to the excellent site at Ecology Asia for the ids. Actually they dont fly, but glide down from one tree to another tree - but we all know that!”

#1 Common Gliding Lizard (Draco volans) - From P.Ubin with the "wings" out and waving its characteristic yellow gular flag.

#2 Black-bearded gliding Lizard (Draco melanopogon) - Sime Forest with 'wings' folded.

Ecology Asia : Lizards of Southeast Asia

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