Sunday, April 23, 2006

Flying Lemur/Colugo @ Bukit Timah Nature Reserve by vbs1979


Abit wary of posting colugo sightings after the poacher incident
But there's no denying that these creatures are in the central nature reserve. We can't fight for the conservation of forest plots if there are no species(plants and animals pls) there worth preserving but letting others know of the presence will tempt poachers (of plants and animals too!) to go in there and take what is meant to be shared. Undeniably, humans are the biggest impact on wildlife proof is here. Still no news of the poachers, and I doubt they will be caught but I hope that people out there will keep a lookout for poachers while noting the fauna as well. On a brighter note check out an 'ah beng' version of the colugo lol wonder where it gets its fur dyed.

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