Sunday, April 09, 2006

More spiders by tchuanye @ Henry Park (showing food web!)
Amazing series of shots documenting the demise of 2 spiders....

excerpted "I was at Henry park again today, and I saw a really amazing site! Really the law of nature at work.

First, the Lynx was already feeding on this spider...not sure how long....when I notice this little heavy jumper sneaking over, peeking at them. At first, I small its not going to eat the lynx.

Later, it started to approach closer, than stalk it....than "POUNCE!" in a blink of an eye, it grabbed the lynx at the middle and ended up suspended with its safety line. The lynx meal was thrown aside of course. The jumper stayed at that position for quite sometime, I guess to let the venom sink in. Later it started to drag it along to somewhere.

Wow, I have seen spider eating spider before, but not 3 in a seems like Heavy Jumer>Lynx>some unknown spider... thats the law of nature at work!

I am posting the sequence as I saw it, and both taken with FZ10+6T+Sigma CU and A610+reverse lens, + my Achiever 828 with taped on Stofen.
All at F8, ISO 50 various speeds"

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