Sunday, April 23, 2006

Orange-bellied flowerpeckerDicaeum trigonostigma by Jeff

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There is a beautiful picture of the bird on a bottlebrush tree (Callistemon rigidus). Can't find alot of info on the bird but there's a site that describes it as residing in 'upper canopy' and ' primary and disturbed forests, open wooded areas, beach vegetation and stunted kerangas forests'. Strange huh? Wouldn't think it will be found on low enough ground to be shot then. but here it is on what I am guess is a Melastoma malabathricum so i guess it justs goes where there's food and not limited to high canopies. Want to see more of this bird? I guess you can plant more Straits Rhododendron shrubs and bottlebrush trees then. Oh another thing apparently members of the Nectariniidae are not found in Japan!

Birds of Sarawak
Mangoverde World Bird Guide Species Page: Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
straits rhododendron (melastoma malabathricum): info fact sheet

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iml said...

Great shot of the flowerpecker.
Wish I could take such sharp pix.